The easy way to enjoy a firmer, slimmer figure!


What is Thermojet?

Thermojet is a system that uses short and long infrared waves, penetrating the dermis, hypodermis and the deeper fat layers, to stimulate adipocyte metabolism and to improve circulation.  Six independently controlled silicone bands house the infrared filaments and the client is bathed evenly with heat.  The treatment is very comfortable and relaxing.


What is Thermolipolysis?

Thermolipolysis is the fat burning process, which is activated by the increased body temperature and metabolic rate.  The increased thermolipolytic action of the infrared works from the deep fat layers to the superficial tissue layer (dermis).


The Thermojet Treatment

By making use of infrared technology, Thermojet creates thermolipolysis and offers a rapid treatment giving spectacular results in weight and inch loss.  Each treatment lasts around 35 minutes and is recommended to be performed twice a week for up to 10 weeks depending on the client’s expectations or problems.


The Results

The Thermojet treatment gives spectacular results in weight and inch loss and controlled body contouring of specific areas.  They are visible from the very first treatment and can be seen after 24 hours.  It also has a great stress reduction effect through its relaxing and warm soothing action.


Burns up to 1,200 calories per session



Frequently Asked Questions

Is it painful?  Absolutely not.  The intensity of the treatment is regulated by the therapist and generates a feeling of warmth, comfort and relaxation.


Does it help when treating cellulite?  Thermojet acts on all the different skin layers including the dermis and hypodermis where cellulite is located.  Water retention problems causing swelling of the adipocytes are improved through thermotherapy and blood and lymphatic circulation is increased.