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3M Paint Protection Film

3M Paint Protection Film

Protect your cars paint from the harsh elements and road debris with 3M Paint Protection Film. Studies show that 90% of vehicles on the road today have no form of paint protection. This leaves your car susceptible to rock chips and scratches when driving on the roads. New cars are not an exception at all, in fact we found that most people usually get rock chips on their bumpers or hood within 2 weeks of driving off the showroom floor. Paint protection is a crystal clear film that is applied to your front bumper, hood, side wings and mirrors. The best part is that you don’t even know its there. Give us a call to book an installation appointment.

Auto Detailing

Having a beautiful car is one thing but having the time to maintain it’s beauty is another. Every vehicle will need detailing at one point or another. We know you’re busy and spending half your day meticulously cleaning your car may not fit into your schedule.

We offer detailing services to restore your car to it’s original beauty. Our detail team has years of experience and perfection is what drives them to produce amazing results. We service all makes and models including luxury cars and exotics, give us a call to book a detail appointment today. Call us today and reserve your spot! 1-815-519-9203

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